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July 12, 2012



No idea as I am also software based; but sharing some experiences, that admittedly were on a far longer time scale from when I used to repair consoles whilst at uni (swapping out burnt out cd drives and blown psus) It very quickly became apparent how Sony were driving cost out of the Playstation as they managed to combine things onto a single chip and shrink everything, The last ones in the big grey box were near enough the same motherboard as the smaller white psone
Similarly the very first Dreamcasts were watercooled!

I would have thought that these modern tablets though are on such short timescales tooling the factory would be problematic? perhaps if your are building a brand like Nexus or Galaxy though its worthwhile and effective use of the advertising budget?

Tom Hume

I remember hearing a similar thing from a product manager at Nokia a while back - that there's pressure on them to reduce component prices post-launch, so early hardware (for the same model) tends to be of higher quality.

Haylee Campbell

Well the price skimming is because of the amount of tablets coming to market. I like the fire but if you have an ipad you don't really care. Even if it has a couple extra cooler features. I do like amazon a lot though! great company.

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