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April 12, 2012


Alex G

Curious what JN thinks of users who stop dead at a key point of interaction with a core feature or process on a mobile site and want to "channel hop" to their laptop or desktop to complete it.

Half of the tiny pool of users I tested with last week fantasized how nice it would be if they could do just that: search, compare and spec out on mobile, then do the heavy lifting (in this case form filling and financial stuff) in the safety of the desktop.

*shrug* fwiw.


Just did a blog post today about RWD vs. Mobile.... The issue in my mind is that the mobile strategist designing the site for that client needs to look at the content that is needed emphasized in the mobile context and design the site that way using a RWD ( or similar approach) as a first priority. It will be impossible to get all of the usage cases completely, and when a user searches or clicks on links in Facebook/twitter or social media, they will get a page that works.

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