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  • Hello you. I'm a 38-year old MSc student, studying Advanced Computer Science at Sussex University. I'm especially interested in Internet and mobile software, sensors and pervasive computing, user interfaces, and the process of developing great software.

    Before that I spent 11 years running Future Platforms, a software company I co-founded which makes lovely things for mobile phones, and which I sold in 2011.

    I read a lot, write here, and practice Aikido and airsoft. I live in Brighton, a seaside town on the south coast of the UK, with two cats and a clown.


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October 10, 2011



Congrats Tom, Richard and all at FP!


Congratulations & good luck

will mcinnes

Wow. Good luck with the next phase Tom :)


Congratulations Tom, well done! Bloody students...

Iain Tait

Congratulations (I think). Hope it's all done for reasons of horrible self interest and not economic pressure :-) and you're right it does seem like mobile might take off. Although q4 2012 seems more realistic


Great news chap. Wishing you guys all the best!

James Whatley

Congratulations Tom, fantastic news. Pass on my regards to the team and keep up the great work.

Aral Balkan

Congratulations, Tom – and best of luck with the Master's :)

Patrick Sansom

Congratulations Tom (and others)!

Now where are you gonna do your internship… ;)


Wow, congrats Tom and the rest of FP!

Tom Hume

Thanks folks. Iain: it's combination of self- and company interest. I've taken FP as far as I can take it, Vexed are the right people to run it now. You and I should catch up some time, geography permitting ;)

Patrick: I have a long-outstanding request to intern at Yiibu, as it happens ;)


Congratulations Tom and the whole team. It's always been a pleasure working with you and I'm sure it will be same going forward.


congrats Tom and all your team :) great for you!


Hi Tom,

Congratulations and good luck!



Congrats to all at FP!


Somehow missed your exciting news last week, Tom. Another fantastic Brighton success story! Well done to you and all the FP team and enjoy the foray back to academia and a more relaxed pace of life (possibly).

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Without hard work nothing is possible, now you are in position of this because of hard work only. Hope you and your FP team get success to what you are looking forward.

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