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April 04, 2010



Hi Tom. Thank you for developing such a nice app for Android. It's an enjoyable experience to use.
After using it for weeks, here's something that need you/James' attention:

1/ The cache of news keep growing and after two to three days, that rolls up to over 150mb.
2/ I found it necessary to uninstall and reinstall GA in order to receive updates. To me, GA usually stops updating itself after the reaching certain size. So, I have to manually remove the cached content and un-/reinstall GA again.

Other than this, this is the best news feed that I've ever used on pda. Thank you and James to bring such a nice thing to us.

With best regards.


I have found this also, I am using a G2 Touch (HTC Hero) and have found that the cached files on the SD card just grows and grows to the point there are just over 9000 files in there then Guardian Anywere refuses to download anymore. The only solution is for me to manually put my sd card in a pc and delete some files in the folder.
I love the App and it is my most used App on my device but this bug is quite annoying!
Thanks for a great App anyway and looking forward to updates in the future

Tom Hume

Mike - we released a version 2.0.1 to the Android Marketplace last night, which should have fixed the issue you're describing. Could I ask you to update your version of the Guardian Anywhere and let us know how you get on?

Paul R

I`ve been using 2.0.1 since it was released but I`m still finding I have a cache of files dating back to the 10th April resulting in 60mb. Would be nice to have a setting so you can choose the number of days before items are deleted automatically. Apart from that great app, keep up the good work!

Vince Scott

I've been using GA for some time now, absolutely great app. In fact I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S, and realised after installing lots of apps, that GA was the first thing installed.

One slight snag though, previously on a HTC desire, news downloads pretty quick around the ten minute mark. On the new Galaxy its taking over an hour. Both the Desire and Galaxy have android 2.1.


Hello. The app looks very slick, but it would realy benefit from a couple of features:
1. An option to automatically delete article that are more than a calendar day old (unless they are specifically saved for later by the user),
2. An option to limit the number of articles saved in each section to, say, 10 or 15;
3. An section for Leaders/Letters.


I love this app. :)

After recent update, no longer loads articles older than about eight weeks (e.g. under tagged authors) unless the article was already saved.


I've been using GA on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7", and like it a lot. However, there is a glitch that makes the experience a bit inconvenient. If I start GA while the tab is connected on wifi, and select "fetch all", it downloads all the articles, and at the end of download wifi gets disconnected, and I have to manually turn it back on. The logs seem to indicate that GA is trying to restore the wifi state at the end of download, and it mistakenly believes that wifi was off before the download.


GA has to be just about my favourite Android app. Great usability and a godsend for anyone without an unlimited mobile data allowance but with wi-fi at home. It has also turned me on to the Guardian which I had never read before. Thanks for this tremendous app.

Tom Hume

Thanks 23niner. I hope I'm not sounding too schmaltzy when I say that comments like this really make our day. I've passed your message onto James, who did the hard work on building this app.


Not sure where to ask this, but Guraidan Anywhere seems to be downloading correctly as I see the list of new articles, but when I go to open an article I just see a blank screen. Also the downlaoding of images seems to have stopped working to.

Any suggestions would be appreciated as its such a great app


Amy chance of a tablet version for Android? The Guardian themselves seem strangely devoted to Apple platforms - leaving the field vacant. Phone apps work - but are less than ideal and certainly don't exploit all that extra screen area!

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