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December 18, 2009


Jon Moore

Hi Tom - thanks for the positive review. Interesting comparison - I know you could have made it clearer that the investment in the apps was massively weighted in favour of iPhone! :) You've done a fab job with the Android app - and I'm sure spent a very small % of the product time we did given it was a side project. Let's chat in the new year? Jon

Ralph Averbuch


As a user of your app from the moment I was given an HTC Hero in October '09, I have to say I think it's a brilliantly executed piece of software that, most of the time, does what it says on the tin. The one thing it has done is made me realise that, contrary to my own bias for print, I've found the experience of reading the paper on a hand held phone (albeit a bigger screen than phones of old) is actually quite manageable.

If it were a novel I'm sure the experience would get quite wearing, bit for the purposes of catching a few minutes here and there to read articles of interest, your app surpasses my initial doubts about consuming news in this way.

Like so many of the comments you've received, I'd add my only downer is the problems with updating taking ages and the auto update almost never works for me. I usually have to give it a push manually.

Keep up the good work and I hope the Guardian consults closely with you when they roll out the official android version.



Tom Hume

Thanks for the comment Ralph - glad you like it.

Of the two problems you've mentioned, one might be solved by changing the wi-fi settings, as detailed here: - could I ask you to give that a go and see if it makes a difference.

The download speed is a different matter - we think it's out of our control, particularly as the Guardian's own iPhone app (which is nothing to do with us) also takes quite a while to grab all its content. It's our number 1 complaint from users right now, and we'll do what we can to get it fixed.

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