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  • Hello you. I'm a 38-year old MSc student, studying Advanced Computer Science at Sussex University. I'm especially interested in Internet and mobile software, sensors and pervasive computing, user interfaces, and the process of developing great software.

    Before that I spent 11 years running Future Platforms, a software company I co-founded which makes lovely things for mobile phones, and which I sold in 2011.

    I read a lot, write here, and practice Aikido and airsoft. I live in Brighton, a seaside town on the south coast of the UK, with two cats and a clown.


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October 04, 2009


James Burt

I seem to recall a project that attempted to generate all possible "tunes" and copyright them, forcing musicians to license them for any music they wished to make. Sadly my google skills fail me and I can't cite this.

Also, there was an interesting discussion about generated text, authorship, and literary zines last year:
The full story has yet to emerge publicly, but there are some fascinating issues here. Avant-garde poetry is particularly susceptible to this sort of 'attack', particularly since there have been some fascinating poems generated by rules.

Most weirdly, following your description of 'War Propaganda', I dreamt I was in a club that played it. I am disappointed to discover today that a marimba is an instrument and not the sexy south american dance i heard last night.

What would be the legal effect of using proscribed texts, such as those banned under recent terrorist legislation? Is there a legal definition of how far words have to be manipulated before they are defused?

dancing hitler

Effter Pruject Blooebell, I gut tu theenking ebuoot genereteefe-a mooseec egeeen. Bork bork bork! It's zee secund teeme-a thees tupeec hes cume-a up fur me-a in zee lest yeer; et Mubeele-a 2.0 I ves oon a punel vheech rembled ecruss it. Ve-a moosed ebuoot zee reeghts issooes loorkeeng veethin, veet perteecooler refference-a tu sufftvere-a leeke-a RJDJ.

Et Oofer Zee Eur, Teem FP deed un instelleshun-type-a peeece-a vheech infulfed toorneeng Blooetuut phune-a nemes intu mooseec. Oonce-a yuoo hefe-a zee beseecs ooff text-tu-mooseec, zeere's a lut mure-a yuoo cun du veet it, und a velk ecruss toon gut me-a tu theenking ebuoot reeghts issooes und vhet ilse-a I cuoold use-a es suoorce-a metereeel. Yesterdey effternuun I gut tugezeer veet Edulff Heetler und ve'fe-a mede-a un IP. It hes 4 trecks oon it, ell genereted prugremmeteecelly frum un Ingleesh trunsleshun ooff Meeen Kempff.

Zeere-a ere-a tvu theengs I ves theenking ebuoot vhee I deed thees: furstly, vhet heppens tu zee ooreeginel cuntext ooff a peeece-a ooff vurk vhee it's trunsleted su oobleeqooely? Und secundly, vhu is zee ulteemete-a creetur ooff a vurk thet's poot tugezeer in thees vey? Toorneeng sooch un unpleesunt peeece-a ooff suoorce-a metereeel intu a putenteeelly celmeeng suoondscepe-a seemed tu be-a epprupreeete-a, su I genereted zee trecks frum zee must ooffffenseefe-a beets ooff zee text thet I cuoold feend veet a coorsury roon-thruoogh. I'm inturely unffemeelier veet zee buuk itselff, su cun't be-a soore-a thet I'fe-a reelly ploombed zee depths. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

Iech peeece-a is creeted by tekeeng a smell noomber ooff sentences frum zee buuk, elgureethmicelly toorneeng zeem intu toones, und hefeeng zeese-a toones roon und luup cuncoorrently. Bork bork bork! Zee resoolteeng peeeces ere-a es fulloos, teetled effter zee chepters I suoorced sentences frum:

Neshun und Rece-a (peeunu und peds), genereted frum fuoor fregments: "Zee resoolt ooff ell receeel crusseeng is zeereffure-a in breeeff elveys zee fullooeeng", "Looereeng ooff zee lefel ooff zee heegher rece-a", "Physeecel und intellectooel regresseeun und hence-a zee begeenning ooff a slooly boot soorely prugresseeng seeckness" und "Tu breeng ebuoot sooch a defelupment is, zeen, nutheeng ilse-a boot tu seen egeeenst zee veell ooff zee iternel creetur";
Ver Prupegunda (mereemba), genereted frum three-a fregments: "Zee peuple-a in zeeur oofervhelmeeng mejureety ere-a su femeenine-a by netoore-a und etteetoode-a thet suber reesuneeng determeenes zeeur thuooghts und ecshuns fer less thun imushun und feeleeng", "Und thees senteement is nut cumpleeceted, boot fery seemple-a und ell ooff a peeece-a", und "It dues nut hefe-a moolteeple-a shedeengs; it hes a puseetife-a und a negeteefe-a; lufe-a oor hete-a, reeght oor vrung, troot oor leee-a nefer helff thees vey und helff thet vey, nefer perteeelly, oor thet keend ooff theeng";
Pheelusuphy und Perty (dooet oon steel drooms), genereted frum tvu fregments: "Oon thees plunet ooff oooors hoomun cooltoore-a und ceefilizeshun ere-a indeessuloobly buoond up veet zee presence-a ooff zee Eryun" und "Iff he-a shuoold be-a ixtermeeneted oor soobjoogeted, zeen zee derk shruood ooff a noo berbereeun ira vuoold inffuld zee iert";
Zee Strung Mun is Meeghtiest Elune-a (feebrephune-a und vuudbluck), genereted frum fuoor fregments: "Und, ebufe-a ell theengs", "zee Peuple's Stete-a veell nefer be-a creeted by zee desure-a fur cumprumeese-a inherent in a petreeutic cueleeshun", "boot oonly by zee irun veell ooff a seengle-a mufement", und "vheech hes sooccessffoolly cume-a thruoogh in zee strooggle-a veet ell zee oozeers";

Set yuoor erteestic ixpecteshuns loo: neeezeer Heetler nur I ere-a renooned fur oooor mooseecel prooess (perteecoolerly veet mereemba), su thees is uncumffurteble-a leestening in muny veys. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Thet seeed, zeere's sumetheeng ettrecteefe-a tu me-a in tekeeng thees unpleesuntness und toorneeng it intu sumetheeng suutheeng oor ifee beooteeffool. OoK, mumentereely beooteeffool. Meybe-a. Und I leeke-a zee fect thet thees trunsffurmeshun is oone-a-vey: it cun't be-a refersed, oonce-a yuoo'fe-a mede-a zee mooseec yuoo cun nefer toorn it beck intu text. Um de hur de hur de hur. Thees feels tu me-a a leettle-a leeke-a booryeeng a deceyeeng curpse-a und hefeeng it ferteelise-a zee soorruoondeeng sueel, oor perheps a puseetife-a speen oon buuk-boorneeng veet a seede-a-oorder ooff svurds intu pluooghsheres. Meybe-a ve-a shuoold du mure-a ooff thees, deffooseeng oooor speceees' derker tendenceees intu ert und vheemsy?

Zee oozeer espect ooff thees vheech I vunted tu cunseeder ves thet ooff reeghts: is Heetler *reelly* zee creeteefe-a furce-a beheend zeese-a sungs? I cun't see-a a cleer deleeneeshun betveee hees inpoot und thet ooff zee elgureethmist (in thees cese-a Thum Hupper ooff Footoore-a Pletffurms, vhu's elsu nut a nezee) begun. Zee chueeces ooff vhet indeefidooel cherecters mep tu mooseecel nuteshun is certeeenly oone-a vheech effffects zee ooootpoot, boot nut in uny surt ooff predeecteble-a vey, und nut ebstrect frum zee inpoot. Um de hur de hur de hur. Vhu is zee creetur here-a, und vhet legel strooctoores iff uny, cuoold oor shuoold ve-a poot in plece-a eruoond zeese-a surts ooff creeshuns? Cupyreeght oon zee Ingleesh text hes beee releenqooished (eccurdeeng tu Veekipedia), boot zee buuk itselff is bunned in muny cuoontreees. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Ere-a dereefetife-a vurks ooff zee buuk seemilerly effffected? Vuoold mooseec dereefed frum zee buuk cuoont es a dereefetife-a vurk? Vhet iff I used Merk F Shuney tu prugremmeteecelly generete-a foorzeer text frum zee ooreeginel buuk, vuoold thet be-a a feeuleshun ooff lev?

Dues unyune-a knoo ooff uny legel precedents, gooeedelines oor foorzeer reedeeng oon hoo ve-a meeght hundle-a zeese-a surts ooff issooes veet genereteefe-a ert?

I'm releeseeng zee resoolteeng IP thruoogh TooneCure-a, vhu tell me-a zeere's a 4-6 veek deley betveee my soobmeessiun tudey und its beeeng efeeeleble-a - hupeffoolly thruoogh iToones, iMooseec, Emezun und a hust ooff oozeers. Um gesh dee bork, bork! I'm cooreeuoos tu see-a iff it gets thruoogh, geefee its prufenunce-a, boot in zee meunteeme-a yuoo cun doonlued MP3s frum zee leenks ebufe-a.

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