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September 14, 2009



Brilliant application! We' were very impressed with the number of functionalities it offers and the way that content is made available on the device itself. The image-gallery was a complete knock-down for us.

BTW. We noticed a small bug. When reading an article with image(s), quick-press on the image brings up the context menu, but a long press crashes the article reading and brings you back to the article list. [We used HTC Magic]...

Best of luck on ADC2!

Fantastic work Tom and James! /downloaded/. Definitely the best major UK news app I've yet used on Android.

Thanks Tom, very good work.

Excellent. Love the QR code, cute. :) Downloaded, about to test it on a bus. Thanks!

Itay Maman

I followed your "Gold Card" link and read about it. It is an excellent idea that every team should adopt!


Great app, but could you add the option to only download certain sections to save time?


Lol, i had to laugh... I started out my OTA09 experience with your "Climbing the Mobile Mountain" session (good stuff!) - happy to finally be able to meet the famous Mr. Hume, went on to finish up the conference winning a (much unexpected) HTC Hero, which i promptly started using on Sunday and the first app i saw was a Guardian Anywhere. This is great because in the week since i got my first android (Magic) a week ago, the guardian mobi site has been my #1 companion on the commute to work. And on the final bus home having installed Twidroid, i came across a tweet linking to this blog, and now i find out who was involved in making Guardian Anywhere, bringing us neatly full circle!

Really like the app, but I'd say it has one glaring omission: no guardian comment section! Is this a conscious decision to leave some things exclusive to the guardian website, or simply an oversight? If it's the latter, i'd be the first to vote for including that in the app.

So, great meeting you, and thanks for bringing my favourite news source and my new favourite mobile experience to such a happy union! Hope to see you at a conference again sometime! ;-)


Tom Hume

Elliot - glad you liked the app :) It currently gets all its content through the Guardian RSS feeds, which don't include comments I'm afraid - so there's no plan to add them in right now.

The app itself is unofficial and independent of the Guardian, so this hasn't been driven by a desire to keep some content exclusive.


Fantastic, great app. Crowded tube journeys no longer a problem. Good bye Metro.

Thanks a ton



Bah! Not available on my shiny new HTC Tattoo because the screen is too small. Is there anything that can be done? I was becoming slightly dependant on this app so it's a shame I can't see it in the market anymore.


stuart riddell

am loving this app,but could you tell us how large in data sizes the daily update is,gotta keep a grip on my internet downloads dontcha know,thanks again

Tom Hume


While the RSS feeds are uncompressed they are coming down at 100-300K each (for the text ones). These are downloaded each time - we need to do this because stories in them change quite frequently.

We cache images as much as we can - so they're only downloaded once. Each image is about 50-60k, plus 10k for a thumbail. For an initial download, you need 18 feeds and about 1000 images.



Great application indeed! The only are of improvement could be to have more fresh news when downloading the news; some times they're 1 day ago. anyway it's a good stard!


Amazing App, can't live without it!!! my problem is I go back and fourth between my T-Mobile G1 (android) and my Unlocked iPhone. can you please put the app out for the iPhone??

Paul Brannan


this looks great, but I don't seem to be able to switch between stories being stuck with the one displayed on the widget only. Help please.


This app looks great, thank you. But the Comment section is my favourite part........
Have you seen Calibre for ebooks? That can get the comment section.

Thanks anyway.

Ralph Averbuch


Your app stopped working for me, so I uninstalled and reinstalled -- same thing. When I click on an article the built-in viewer shows a blank - despite apparently downloading images etc. I can still opt to click through to the browser version but does kind of make offline an impossibility now.

Am I the first to get this or is it something much wider? Has the Guardian changed something on the server side to disable your app?

I'm using an HTC Hero on Vodafone in case that's any help.




Brilliant App, my only gripe is when set to "download over WiFi only", in order to spare my monthly 3G data allowance, if the WiFi signal drops out, it just gives up permanently, or doesn't even start. Can you please set it to re-try every few mins to download over WiFi until it manages it? Thanks


I often find that I've forgotten to plug in my phone charger before going to sleep. Since I've set Guardian Anywhere to download the news over WiFi only, and to do it at 6am, I often find that in the morning, I've got almost no battery left. What would be nice would be an option to specify that the download should start only if the battery charge remaining is above some threshold value (25%, or thereabouts). Ideally, if this value could be specified, that'd be great.

Otherwise, thanks for the really great application. It's more useful than I could have imagined.


Seems to massively drain my battery when I'm browsing the content after its downloaded? (htc desire)


I've been using this wonderful app on a HTC desire for a while and its been great. Have recently switched to a Samsung galaxy s and it now takes 90 mins to download and takes a significant chunk of the battery with it. Don't know if its the app or the phones os.
If i can be of any help in diagnosing it please twit me. Would love to see GuardianAnywhere really shine on the i9000 :-)


Nice application - I've just got a couple of questions hope you can answer them

- Why have you made the download / content folder hidden? (its called .GuardianAnywhere)
- Does it delete 'old' stories automatically? So if I set 'Recent News' to 1 day does it remove the previous days news first?



hi Tom, great app. works great with my new HTC desire. thanks a lot for the great work and keep going!


Nice app, but it takes HOURS not minutes to complete (with or without pictures doesn't matter) :-(

Steve Knowles

Would like to be able to change the font. The serif can be a little difficult. The sub-headlines are fine, but the full story text is all serif, which is unusual in this format. Perhaps a choice? Otherwise, thanks for a great app ...

Lester, Adult Tricycle

Downloaded this apps and once i started the screen just hanging there, not moving. Anybody encounter this before? My phone is HTC Desire S.

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