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July 17, 2008



Do you think carriers will open up their networks so that content providers can can easily access location information cross carriers? Seems there is a need for someone to aggregate location information to make it easy for content providers to create cross carrier applications. Thoughts? Thx

Tom Hume

My take would be that GPS or open cell-ID are sucking the value of location information away from carriers - to the extent that even if they open up now, there will be alternatives which are low or zero cost and widely adopted.


Thanks for the response. Then why do companies like Loopt or in Europe, Sniff have to negotiate separately with each carrier to access their location information?

Tom Hume

Max - perhaps because they're relying on getting this information from operators? The thrust of my post is that whilst this used to be the only way to get location information, over the last year GPS bundled onto handsets and third parties mapping cell IDs to lat/long mean that this will increasingly be unnecessary.

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