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    Before that I spent 11 years running Future Platforms, a software company I co-founded which makes lovely things for mobile phones, and which I sold in 2011.

    I read a lot, write here, and practice Aikido and airsoft. I live in Brighton, a seaside town on the south coast of the UK, with two cats and a clown.


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July 17, 2008


john cooper

the beauty and problem with the installer app is the fact it's user regulated.
How easy would it be to put a malicious piece of code into the mix? Fortunately this (as far as i know) hasn't happened because of the user base but the more that expands the more chance that this could happen.
Apple really do need a quick review process, especially to get upgraded apps online and available but what happens when an app is release through iTunes that does cause issues - perhaps bricking the iPhone - Apple credibility would plummet.

What it does show is what a superb job Apple has done to get iTunes out and into so many PC's allowing/giving them a great platform to deliver content media or software - hey who would have predicted 3+ years ago that apple would expand iTunes to be the slickest mobile app delivery system! Now it's down to how well they can manage the quality control

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