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June 26, 2007


Dave Ph

Or spooky that they have a huge database of customers and the serial numbers of their rabbits, and if the rabbit don't talk home often enough, they want to know why?

I for one welcome our future spime-rabbit masters...

Jane Dallaway

I like it - whichever way you spin it its a great reflection on their customer services


It's a nice touch, and makes me feel a little less cold towards Violet, who unfortunately seemed to have bitten off more than they could chew around Christmas, when the Tag/Tags couldn't keep up with the madness and offered terribly poor service for a while.

They're a great bunch, and I look forward to them being fully afloat instead of trying to keep their heads above the tsunami of new bunny owners.

Well, if your bunny ever chooses to come back to life, don't hesitate to send my bunny Keira a little ear wave ;)

(She should be back online soon, we've been unable to connect her recently due to office network changes!)

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