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January 10, 2007



Conference calling is a part of the GSM standard and many recent handsets have support for it, however _NOWHERE_ near as simple and elegant. Some operators doesn't turn it on by default because "it makes customers confused".

Random access voicemail is operator specific.

I also choked when I heard the price together with a 2 year contract, what are they on? Here in the UK if you sign a two year contract you almost always get a nice handset "for free".


Hey, it's a nice, shiny, pretty, music-playing PDA. I want one! :-)


> "If that $500 translates to £500 (as it often seems to) then it's going to be classic Apple: a luxury item for whatever yuppies like me are called this millenia rather than a mass-market device."

Yeah, but that's exactly what the iPod was at first. I know this is a whole different ball game, but the iPhone as it stands is purely round one of a long... er... match? Tournament? Note to self, stop using sport metapohrs until you actually watch some sport.


Great post, Ted.
I agree about the SDK, and it will be fascinating to see what happens with widgets, if at all?
I’m just not anxious to sign on to Cingulars pricey data plans.
I’ll def get it for the mp3, movie, photo, contact and everything else, non web-related.

Thanks for the insights.


iPhone is cool

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