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November 16, 2006


your hyperlink goes to the wrong place, there is no its

Jez Nicholson

dat link is not .net I believe

chris evans

Just wished they had gone free sooner as would have made a bigger wave. Free is so much more powerful, just hope they are not too late as a great idea if they can market it well. Have seen very little marketing online or offline that pushes Hotxt apart from the launch earlier in the year. Perhaps Doug is more of a ideas person than marketing expert?

It would be good to see mobile cos text revenues and costs to us customers fall!

Somatic Mark

Don't trust the dude on the right in the blue shirt - either hiding something or afraid - would guess both. Smile is fake and body language is as guarded as possible for human to be.

The guy on the right is obviously his bitch

'Live in peace or destroy your enemies totally' Walsh

Tom Hume

mimum2: thanks, I've fixed that link.

Chris: it's wait-and-see, isn't it? I'm intrigued to see what they get up to (for a few reasons).

Mark: cheers for raising the level of debate in your characteristic fashion :) Are both of them on the right?


I still think they can make a splash as they presumably have money and one of these companies will eventually succeed. There is quite a bit of competition out there now. In fact looking at that particular market there have always been quite a few other businesses in the same field. Broder Germany used to have exactly the same idea, four years ago, and there is Juvino, mobilemeworld, Blitztxt and, and some others in the States. Each of them is targetting a different market.

PS: Mark, your comments will forever be with me.

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