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October 24, 2006


Roo Reynolds

"He went to a Second Life concert where Ben Folds chopped everyone up with a lightsaber. Apparently this was a lot of fun: but err how do you know it's him?"

Good point. As Esther pointed out during her talk, part of what makes virtual worlds great for entertainment is the ease of replacing an actor; all you ever see is the avatar. In this case, I really only have what the Electric Sheep (who ran the event) have to say about it to go on. See

As I mentioned in my review of the event on, he was saying and doing things that "no corporate sleezeball pupeteer" was likely to make him say and do. It very much felt like Ben was in control and partying hard with us all.

As far whether it can be a serious tool, I (obviously) reckon there's really something to this. Looking forward to seeing it, and helping it, develop.

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