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  • Hello you. I'm a 38-year old MSc student, studying Advanced Computer Science at Sussex University. I'm especially interested in Internet and mobile software, sensors and pervasive computing, user interfaces, and the process of developing great software.

    Before that I spent 11 years running Future Platforms, a software company I co-founded which makes lovely things for mobile phones, and which I sold in 2011.

    I read a lot, write here, and practice Aikido and airsoft. I live in Brighton, a seaside town on the south coast of the UK, with two cats and a clown.


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September 22, 2006


Phil Wilson

Oooh, looking forward to the post, and thanks for the code! Will be getting my rabbit soon, and I think he'll be more welcome in the office than at home :)

Jez Nicholson

Nice one Tom!

My Nabaztag is quietly sobbing in his box....apparently our wireless network needs to be so secure that he's not allowed to connect to it. :(

Ben Lidgey

The link to the CC plugin is broken! Where can I get a copy of the plugin please? I have just got my boss to order a Nabaztag to integrate with our CruiseControl.

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