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May 03, 2006



absolutely magic, go and see it. Just fabulous.

chris odili

Its unbeleivable , too difficult to describe, best seen, 42 tons of steel, wood and pipes yet so graceful. A true once in a life time experience.

Watched it for two days even the most hardened British skeptic was silent for a minute or two trying to take in the sheer magnitude.

Saw adults laughing like kids out of the pure pleasure of the experience.


Lets have more spectacles like this, We travelled up from Crowborough after listening to Radio London.Quoting Danny Baker "God Bless Ken Livingstone even if he puts the congestion charge up to £ 10 a day if he sighned the forms that aloud this spectacle"

Sarah Bouchier

The most magical marvellous and mystifying sight I have seen all my life. I was so proud that London had granted The Sultans Elephant permission to dig up roads and cause major disruption to give so many people the chance to see this truly once in a lifetime show. It made me feel like a child again and happy just to see the look on my childrens face when the elephant staggered round the corner. More of these days please.

David Miles

This was amazing, one of the best things I have ever seen. The sheer magnificence of that elephant, I could have spent all day just watching it walk - it was so realistic.

And the girl - amazing how lifelike she could be. It was the little details I loved, such as when they were sitting down for her siesta there was one who was adjusting her hair, tidying it up. When she kneeled down to play with the children, they put cushions under her knees. And as they sat her down, there were couple of people tidying up her dress for her, so as to maintain her modesty. I thought those touches were amazing.

And I loved listening to people as they talked with each other or on their phones - "I'm standing in Pall Mall, right in front of an enormous elephant!" Wonderful.

I've had a wonderful day, it is going to be so hard going back to the realities of work tomorrow, and yet I intend to go in and rave to the kids about the enormous elephant!


I know what pezza means. i was in tears by the end . overwhelming


Dittto from me. It was absolutely amazing. Best thing I've seen in London in my life!

Jim Sheridan

What about the cars that got destroyed by broken guide ropes?

So very lucky no person or child was injured.

Kelly Rhodes

i have to say sturday the 6th of may changed my life, seeing the sultans elephant was incredible, in fact i cant articulate how it made me feel, i saw it and for some wierd reason i couldnt stop crying and i am 27! i have decided to go to calais to see it again in july. i dont suppose any one could help me, i have tried artichoke productions tpo no avail and i am desperate to some how be involved with ROYAL DE LUXE and i cant seem to track an email address, even if i jst get to sweep up after the elephant i dont care i am see keen to be involved it was a truly magical day.

Kelly Rhodes

what cars that got destroyed? are you talking about the "sewn" cars? if you are that was part of the story.


Where do i start........? Wow, even now on Wednesday, I am seeking out people who were there. The power of the arts let loose on the streets of London.
What did it mean? I felt The whole thing acted as a catalyst for an outpouring of genuine feeling, for an experience devoid of corporate sponsorship. An experience to remind us of the child within, and the child holding my hand.

Kelly Rhodes

i know what you mean stephen, i ahve actually written to Royal de lux asking them if i can come over to calais and be part of it, at my own expense, i must be mad! but i am also seeking out people too, its the first thing i want to ask people when i see them its wierd!


it was my mums company that brought this elephant to london. 6 years of hard work and perserverance that you
have no idea the scale of! such a magical day and words can't express the way i was feeling at the end.
if you want to get in contact with my mum about working or seeing the show in the future her address is

Kelly Rhodes

hi sasha,
i did in fact email your mum, and she sent me an address which i have written to, i translated it into french via a translating website, thank you though, and would you again thank your mum for me, not just for the address but the fact she had a lot to do with bringing this wonderful thing to london, she obvioulsy has an amazing job and she is a vey lucky lady and we ar lucky she, and a lot of other individuals pulled this off, it was incredible.


I came to London from Holland for 3 days and had seen the girafs on bbc 1 on the thursday... i heard that the elephant would be coming that weekend...i just kept looking and hoping i would see it...when i first saw it was standing still and a few hours later i walked down the street and couldn't believe my eyes..the goosebumps were all over my body..tears in my eyes....the music and the crowd...and the girl on the elephant coming towards us... it was just magnificant...I will certainly be going to Antwerp to see more in july....the elephants eyes were so life like and it was so graceful....I thank the people responsible for this experience.


will thank her but go and see the next show in france
it should be incredible

kelly rhodes

i plan to go to the antwerp show in july and the show in september in calais, its one way to see europe i guess!

Kevan Williams

I managed to catch the end of this on tv and was overwhelmed by what
I saw. Can you give me more info about this magical spectical and where I can take my family to see it.

steve hynes

Is this how religions start? An absolute joy to a jaded adult mind. Desperately seeking details about dates for calais. How fantastic that informatoin about it is so hard to come by. A real 'votewinner' for the arts.

kelly dawn rhodes

its in antwerp in belgium from the 6th-9th of july and i think the closer we get to september the easier it will be to get details. it is wonderful i have to say i saw it and followed the elephant around for 5 hours, its very special.


Hope this is helpful....

Calais (France) - 28, 29, 30 Sept & 1 Oct
La Havre (France) - 26, 27, 28, 29 Oct

I'm driving to Dover and catching the ferry


Ooops, I forgot....

Antwerp (Belgium) - 6, 7, 8, 9 July

Yes, Calais is a dump, but its easy to get to, eating out is cheap, the food is good and they have a Sainsbury's :) (opposite side of the car park from Auchan hypermarket) and its near to the beach (Bleriot plage) if the weather is ok.

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