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January 26, 2005



I'm quite familiar with Rachel O'Connell's work and (unfortunately) I doubt she's been misquoted.

Actually, it's kind of interesting. There was a huge moral panic about chat a couple of years ago but the recommendations that eventually came out of the associated Home Office taskforce were actually quite sensible:

I think part of what the children's charities etc react to is the apparent lack of interest in child safety before they get involved. There are some exceptions to this, of course, but not many.

Tom Hume

I could understand a call for codes of practice or guidelines (as we've had with instant messaging and chat-rooms); that would be a sensible approach.

But surely someone as media-savvy as Ms O-Connell knows the likely headline that'll result if she is interviewed by the BBC and refers to a general-purpose tool or new tech as a "paedophiles dream"... gah.

Dave Ph

Football pitches:
Adults could use these dangerous open areas of grass to watch and learn about children. They are a 'paedophiles dream'. Ban 'em now, I say.


I wouldn't describe Ms O-Connell as "media-savvy" - more as media hungry or addicted.

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