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December 10, 2003


Dave Ph

It's called whitelisting, and is used in extremis on email spam. I can't believe no-one has thought of it for SMS yet. But then that's genius for you - it seems obvious after it's pointed out. Very very clever.

Get thee to a patent office :-)


Japanese handset manufacturers are already enabling this in Japan. See my article on Japanese mobile spam prevention measures

Access, the Japanese mobile browser company, has a product which does this (probably what the Japanese handset manufacturers have used)

Tom Hume


My apologies - I've undoubtedly picked up the idea from reading your document in the past then appropriated it as my own. I guess this at least means it can work!

This probably means the patent idea is screwed too Dave



No apology needed!
Nothing new under the sun etc.
And maybe Access and the Japanese handset people have not thought about the European SMS angle - yet.

David Cantrell

I know you can set a phone to make different annoying noises depending on who is calling you, can you not do the same for SMS?

Tom Hume

David - not on any handset I've seen in the, but as per Pernille's post above, it's done in Japan...

David Cantrell

I'm sure that a Panasonic phone I had a few years ago could do this. Buggered if I can remember the model though.

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