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  • Hello you. I'm a 38-year old MSc student, studying Advanced Computer Science at Sussex University. I'm especially interested in Internet and mobile software, sensors and pervasive computing, user interfaces, and the process of developing great software.

    Before that I spent 11 years running Future Platforms, a software company I co-founded which makes lovely things for mobile phones, and which I sold in 2011.

    I read a lot, write here, and practice Aikido and airsoft. I live in Brighton, a seaside town on the south coast of the UK, with two cats and a clown.


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December 15, 2003


Phil Wilson

I rather suspect that students and young professionals are the only ones who can currently afford bluetooth phones.

I'd guess that the last big youth upgrade was kids moving to phones that support Java games, probably no more than 6-8 months ago.

Also, bluejacking isn't something you can really boast about to your mates, or do when with a social group - it's probably something you're likely to do when on your own.

And how often are you on the bus/train at the same time as the school run?

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