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February 02, 2010



Nice summary.

I remember arguing with a BT Senior Manager back in the heady days of the 3G license auction that bandwidth tended towards commodity, and recovering the enormous amounts spent of 3G licenses was going to be expensive. His vision was the compelling content delivered over 3G would trump landline xDSL interweb.

I wish now I'd had a Cory Doctorow WiFi novel to wave at him, but this was before Cory Doctorow had been invented.

Tom Hume

Heh, well you're one of the guys who does the black arts, so you're going to be busy whatever ;)

But I'm not sure that 3G licenses were a bad thing, per se... I mean, in the UK if you didn't buy a license you were saying "we'll not be a telco in 10 years, thanks". It was just a bit cruel of the govt to charge for them - and I wonder if they'd get the same fees again (it was dotcom boom-time after all).

And there's still a place for 3G - business apps, those for travellers - those are both pretty vast markets.

I could also see 3G tariffs being sold as "keep access to all that internet stuff you love using on your phone when you're out of home"... i.e. mobile devices still have a purpose and utility for consumers without it.

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