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November 14, 2005



N70 is first handset to implement this feature, pressing call termination key will kill application, instead of putting it to background. Same goes for native symbian applications also. Feature is documented in Nokia's S60 platform known issues document


ugh, took me a while to unlearn such a cool feature (press red key to easily go to idle, leaving app in background) that i picked up while using the 7650, 3650, 660, 7610, and 6680.

thing is, why did they change that?

thing is, not all apps quit - i think the browser, the radio (but not the music player), and some others inconsistently go to the background.

i just don't get it.


Yeah, red button terminates the app... Rather anoying. The Java implementation isn't fantastic either as large sourcecode segments cause the app to pause while they are compiled by the JIT :/


I agree. It is really annoying. Maybe it is so that most of "normal" users don't understand that app goes to background on red key instead of terminating. But now they have really made the situation even worse, changing the behaviour after years.

Well, this is not the first weird issue on S60 :)


Hi, just got my n70 back from Nokia factory: looks like the extra settings added by Orange (in France) messes up with the screen saver and iSync (for Macs). Any echoes of this (sounds similar to what happened on 6680)?


Hi to all, I found the fonts on the N70 too small. Is there any kind soul out there who knows how to change the size of the font? Thanks in advance


well i love my n70


well, the n70 has been a boon to me in this part of the world(India). I've used most of the phones that are mentioned here but this is the first time I've got the whole package, it's a dream come true.

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